Q: What will you see when you first come to LiQuid?

A: LiQuid is a green building, so you can easily find us. You will enter through the white upvc front door that has a black doorframe, numbered 22-24 on the door. Once inside you will be in a porch way for your discretion so you are off the street, (CCTV in operation in this area) from here you will ring a bell for attention, you will then be allowed into LiQuid. Once inside you will be greeted and asked to sign in and pay the required fee, from here you are now in LiQuid.

Q: How busy do we get?

A: LiQuid does not require people to book in advance so we never know how busy we will be on any day.

Q: What is the age restriction?

A: You must be 18 years and older to attend LiQuid. If you’re lucky enough to look under 21, you will be asked to proof age.

Q: It is your first ever visit to a sauna, what should I expect?

A: You will see people socialising as you would a normal club, enjoying the day. We recommend that you try to mingle with others to make the most of your experience.

Q: Is there parking?

A: There is plenty of free onstreet parking nearby and 3 pay and display car parks, two of which are very cheap

Q: As a first timer to LiQuid what might I want to bring?


    1. Mints as chewing gum is NOT allowed
    2. Towel (one towel supplied for use of wet area)
    3. Cigarettes & Lighter (if you smoke)
    4. Footwear such as sandals ideal for smoking area
    5. Cash for entry/membership/drinks
    6. Deodorant/personal hygiene items

Q: Do I have to do anything in the sauna?

A: There is no pressure to do anything it’s entirely up to you. Some people just come to chat and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere; other people like to use the private rooms, group rooms, and be exhibitionists or just to be voyeuristic. “No” means “NO”, if you are in a situation where you do not feel comfortable do not feel that you are pressured into doing something just say “No thank you”. Likewise if someone says “No” to you do not take it to heart everybody has different attractions. If anybody is found to disrespectful of ones wishes they will be asked to leave the sauna

Q: Why are there no bed sheets?

A: All our beds are covered in PVC for cleanliness, disinfected every day. Bed sheets harbour germs and become soiled during the day, even after being washed bed sheets become stained and look unsightly. Tip: use your towel whilst lying on the bed for extra comfort.

Q) What are the ages of people attending?

A) We have a totally mixed age range of customers from 18 - 70+. Every day is different.

Q: Is nudity allowed?

A: Yes nudity is allowed anywhere in the building, except the smoking area and dining area.

Q: Are lockers available?

A: Yes. When signing in you will be issued a key for your own private locker which you can store your valuables and clothes. Your belongings are left at your own risk and LiQuid will not be held responsible for misplaced, theft or damage to them. If you lose your locker key a charge of £25 for replacement keys is necessary.

Q: Do you supply towels?

A: We do supply one towel per customer, If you require more a £1 charge will be made per towel (This is due to some people abusing there use) Towels can be obtained from a member of staff. However, towels are limited especially larger sizes so if you prefer bring your own towels.

Q: Do you allow smoking?

A: YES. We have a smoking area outside purposely built for smokers and dressing gowns will be available. It is a criminal offence if found smoking in any public place that is enclosed-No matter what other clubs say-Your running the risk of being fined!

Q: Do you allow chewing gum?

A: NO. Chewing gum is not permitted in the club, we do sell mints at the bar or you can bring your own to keep your breath smelling fresh.

Q: Can I use drugs?

A: NO! In the event that any illegal substance is found on ones person/s or their belongings they will be asked to leave and their details be passed on to the local authorities.

Q: Do you sell alcohol?

A: No, we are not licensed we only sell soft drinks and refreshments, which are available at the poolside bar; just show your locker key number.

Q: If I run out of cigarettes, can I purchase them?

A: No

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards or cheques?

A: Sorry at present we only accept cash

Q: Is there any food and drink available?

A: Yes there is a selection of drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Q: During the day can I leave and come back later?

A: Yes, You can leave the sauna and return later There will be a £3 re entry charge. All you need to do is pay your tab and leave your locker key at reception.

Q: How many towels do I get?

A: We provide one on entry and extra towels are £1.

Q: Is there CCTV in the rooms?

A: Absolutely NOT! There are cameras in operation at the main reception door, and fire exits which are there for your safety and security.

Q: Can I record my visit e.g. pictures, camera phone, film etc?

A: If anybody is caught using any kind of recording device you will be asked to leave LiQuid immediately privacy and discretion is paramount within LiQuid.

Q: Are toiletries/wash room provided?

A: Yes there is a shower area in the changing room with complimentary shower gel and shampoo.

Q: Are condoms provided?

A: Yes

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have